it is not all about food, but it is always tasty

A lunch in Saturne to explore new ground in modern cuisine 

The Chef Sven Chartier is known to be part of the new generation in French cuisine. His restaurant offers a different experience, that may surprise and puzzle with an unconventional menu where three ingredients refer to each plate. From simple and popular ingredients to rare and unknown ones. Strangely enough, I chose my plate more according to the ingredient that I did not know than to the one that I like. And I guess most of the people go there to discover new taste or to rediscover ingredient prepared like never eaten before.

We went for the lunch and we enjoyed the 3 course-menu (37€). Next time, we will certainly try the 5 course-menu (55€) to have an another view over Saturne and its delights.

From outside, this fast food doesn’t look very attractive. Actually even inside, it doesn’t. The first time I get in to a Chipotle it was with my boyfriend who just like me, only heard about it as being a great place to eat taco and burritos. So we we’re standing in front of the menu board and it didn’t really get our interest so we just walked back and found another restaurant to have diner… What a mistake!!!! Chipotle is certainly one of my favorite places to eat now in the United States: tasty, affordable, and ecofriendly! I really need to say thank you to my two friends who brought me there for the first time.

Chipotle is not just a place to eat; it is a place to experience great service and great food in a singular atmosphere. What strikes me the first time I get in this restaurant was the very simple design of the place. You don’t really expect such an atmosphere in a fast food, but you end by loving it! Nothing is superficial, so you can feel that the very purpose of the restaurant is to focus on food and people, nothing else.

When standing in line, you see and smell all the different ingredients that will compose your meal. From brown rice with cilantro to grilled veggie, you faced an amazing choice of fresh ingredients! What I liked is to add all the ingredients that I want with no restriction, except for the guacamole (homemade and delicious). At the end my burritos is so huge that I can only eat the half!! The food is great, but the service too. The employees are super friendly and careful. They let you the time to choose what you want, taking to answer questions. Quite different from the service I experienced each time I had to eat at Moe’s for instance… 

Chipotle makes great food but also great actions. That’s what I like the most beside my burritos obviously! While you eat you know that you are in an environment conscious restaurant. The question is not only profit here; the question is how to create profit for the company and for the community. Each restaurant is designed in order to minimize its impact on the environment, but it also is involved in charity events, sport events or events for kids.

To finish, I think using “fast food” for Chipotle restaurant is a mistake, becauset his company really promotes the value of the “slow food” trend. That’s a good thing this new generation of restaurants were born in the US.  It paves the way to sustainable methods in this country and for the world.

For my French people, a Chipotle is now open since last May in Paris (18 boulevard Montmartre, 9th arrondissement). Chipotle plan to open a second restaurant, in the 4 Temps shopping mall at Paris La Défense.   

Here in France, generally speaking people think that McDonald makes the perfect American burger… but hopefully not! Arriving in the US, I have been amazed by the number of fast food of any types, from chicken specialized with Chick-Fill-A, to Mexican style with Taco Bell. To eat an hamburger, the choice is also large: McDonald’s of course, Wendy’s, Burger King, In-N-Out… But among all these, only one really deserves the visit: Five Guys!! 

Here the concept is simple: you come to enjoy a juicy hamburger and home made French fries.  To order the choice is limited to these two items(you have also hot dog, but honestly I never felt like tasting it!). You can customized the hamburger with 15 free toppings from mustard to grilled mushrooms or jalapeno peppers. Then comes the sides’ choice: you can pick the Five Guys style Fries or the Cajun style fries, spicier ! To finish you wait for the call of your number. A good moment to fill your glass at the fountain drink and grab some complimentary peanuts. What is nice also in this fast food, is its particular atmosphere. The open kitchen allow the customer to enjoy the dynamic and cool way of preparing the menu by the cooks. Sometimes, I saw them, singing and dancing following the loud music displayed in the restaurant. It makes your time of wait much more entertaining ;)

My favourite menu was made with a little bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and pickles. Then I liked the Cajun style fries and a regular glass refilled either with Dr Pepper or Sierra Mist. 

I heard also that Shake Shack was a great fast food to eat hamburger, but I never have the chance to go there. (in Miami South Beach, you have one in Lincoln Road). Tell me about if you have ever taste their hamburgers!!